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About Us

“Billboard Connection is a creative ad agency specializing in billboards so we know how to get results for our clients. Having over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, and over 30 offices in the U.S. alone we can help all companies small or large with their outdoor advertising needs.”

We are a creative advertising agency (Not a billboard broker)
We specialize in billboard advertising: so our experience in this field is much greater than if we also helped clients with radio, television, print media, internet advertising, etc. like most ad agencies do.

We have built many great relationships with billboard vendors in the almost 20 years BC has been in business: meaning we can possibly get better placement for them than other agencies, also other agencies may only place one billboard buy maybe once every year or two.

We have over 30 offices in the U.S. alone and we are in 5 other countries as well: We can assure them with this many markets we will take very good care of their billboard needs anywhere in the country and beyond.

We have award winning artists on our creative team, which is how we are able to create great ad campaigns for them.
Better price? We have years of negotiating experience in this arena so it is quite possible, but we bring so much more to the table than that. ALL companies could go direct and save the small ad agency commission, why don’t they? Those companies receive benefits for using ad agencies and that is why even very savvy companies like McDonald’s, Coke, etc use them.

Without the right creative team that knows how to get results and a great R.O.I. then you with most likely receive marginal results so where are the savings?

Billboard Connection not only owns our own inventory of boards, we also manage inventory for private individuals as well as have access to virtually all inventory nationwide.Others will sell what they have; Billboard Connection sells you what you need.

We know where the best billboards are as well as when they are available. We keep track of all the billboards that are available, not just our own boards.

We can act fast on the best boards because we’re the pros. We can lock them up before your competition knows about them. We can do the creativity, the graphics, printing and installation as we are truly a one stop to shop.

One advantage that we personally have is that we once used billboards to advertise with our previous businesses. We know the process involved from the customer’s side. We know what makes up a good board and how it can lead to tangible profits.

The reason that we are so good at what we do is that we specialize only in outdoor advertising.

We’re not television, radio, newspaper or magazine advertisement people. We focus on what works and that includes, but is not limited to: billboards, bus benches, freeway advertisements, trailer wraps, and more.

We do this with the lowest cost per thousand impressions of any other form of media and that’s outdoor media. Remember, Outdoor advertisements target those people who leave their homes for any reason like going to work or school and that means 99% of the population.