your Billboard Connection in Arizona, Utah, Texas, Colorado

Bus Bench and Shelter Advertising

Billboard Connection is a creative ad agency specializing in bus bench ads and shelter ads. If you use these strategically, you will see branding on another level.

Benches are positioned on the public right of way a few feet from the pavement and directed at vehicular traffic, mass transit riders, bicyclists and all other passersby.

Bus Shelter Displays are back lit, eye level outdoor advertising display surfaces measuring 48” x 68.5” with a vertical orientation for imaging. These back lit displays provide both automotive and pedestrian exposure along busy routes, offering general market coverage where clients live, work and play 18 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some placements work better than others:
In the world of bus benches, the rules are no different: Location, location, location. Tucson had a popular and effective bus system all connected by benches with ad spots. Phoenix and other Southern Arizona benches are snatched up by advertisements and signage. The following are some other must-haves with your bus bench location:

  • Traffic lights
  • High traffic areas that get congested during peak traffic hours
  • Major arteries into your target areas